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Traitor in the eyes of the creatures of the night, monster in those of the humans... it's hard being a dhampir!

Alucard is an NPC introduced in the Return to Castlevania DLC.

He aides the player in finding Dracula and defeating him.


First encounter[edit]

Alucard can be found sleeping in a coffin in the Castle's Outskirts. The player can awaken him be knocking on the coffin.


  • "...Why are you here?"
  • "Wait, did you really awaken me by accident?!"
  • "Hum... Unfortunate, but let's at least make the best out of this... unexpected situation"
  • "You probably don't understand where you are and we don't have the time to linger on the specifics"
  • "Just know that my father is about to come back to life and we have to stop that from happening at any cost"
  • "Meet me in his Castle, we'll debate how best to fight him. Oh, and if you come across a Belmont, ask him to do his accursed job!"

After Cutscene

  • "Once more, I have to stop my father. When will it truly end"
  • "Take the elevator and get inside the Castle, quickly!"
  • "Go ahead, I need to prepare first. Where is my shield ? I am sure to have been buried with it..."
  • "Traitor in the eyes of the creatures of the night, monster in those of the humans... it's hard being a dhampir!"
  • "Ohhh I really need to stretch... centuries without moving sure stiffens the muscles!"

After defeating death[edit]

Death has been defeated but the ritual has completed. Alucard tells you he will find you after finding a way to reach his father.


  • "Well fought..."
  • "Sadly, the ritual went through: my father has been brought back into this world"
  • "Even if we killed his most trusted lieutenant, the situation is dire"
  • "I need to find a way to reach my father's sanctum"
  • "I'll come fetch you once I figure out what to do next"

After Cutscene

  • "I need time to devise a new plan"
  • "Death is my father's right hand and a vicious foe. I wouldn't be surprised to see him come back eventually..."
  • "Strangely, he didn't remove all your powers and equipments..."
  • "You triumphed in this fight to the Death, congratulations"

Prisoners' Quarters[edit]

Starting a new run after defeating Death Alucard can be found in the starting room of the Prisoners' Quarters.


  • "Ah, there you are! I looked for you everywhere in this sordid prison"
  • "I found a way to reach my father's throne room, for real this time"
  • "Your island houses a clock tower, just like my father's Castle"
  • "We should be able to exploit this similarity and go back to my world to fight him"
  • "I'll see you in the Clock Room. Try not to die until then..."

After Cutscene

  • "It will only get worse from now on. Prepare yourself for a long-fought battle"
  • "You'll need to go through the Castle again, but this time, we'll go straight there"
  • "Have you seen my sword? I can't find it anywhere..."
  • "One can't really kill Death itself. There won't be any respite for the mortals..."

After failing to kill Dracula

  • "Don't be discouraged by your previous failure. You can do it!"
  • "Meet me in the Clock Room once more. You'll succeed this time!"
  • "The Castle may be full of danger, but you can't falter now"
  • "I'm not against some backtracking in a castle, I'm used to it"

Clock Room[edit]

To continue the story the player must go to the clock tower without entering the Return to Castlevanie DLC before in the same run.

DLC not visited cutscene

  • "I almost had to wait... you're here, at the very least. We can begin"
  • "This door goes right to my father's Castle. No undead lieutenant on the way this time!"
  • "Be warned though: this Castle is not just a stone building. It seems to be alive, sentient almost"
  • "My father knows everything that goes on within these walls and may very well prepare a... warm welcome for you"
  • "Good luck out there! Come find me near his throne room, we have to finish this"

DLC visited cutscene Meeting Alucard while having entered the Return to Castlevania DLC earlier in the run.

  • "Oh you're there. Sadly, we can't access my father's Castle a second time"
  • "Once we leave it, he can prevent us from setting foot in the Castle again"
  • "You have to choose the entry you want to use: either from the prison or from this room, but never both"

After Cutscene

  • "We're almost there. To think that I'll see my father again just to stop him once"
  • "Your Clock is really impressive! Something is off, though..."
  • "Still, what a wonderful coincidence that your island too has a Clock Tower. As luck would have it indeed!"
  • "Do you also need two rings to reach the secrets of your Clock Room? No? Lucky you..."

Master's Keep[edit]

The player meets Alucard just before entering the room in which Dracula resides.


  • "We're there"
  • "Behind this door lies my father's throne room"
  • "Regrettably, I'll have to let you fight him alone"
  • "I tried spilling the family blood before... it didn't go well"
  • "Do not waver. My father isn't invincible, you can defeat him!"

After Cutscene

  • "I understand your fear, but you have to go stop my father!"
  • "I am sorry to leave this responsibility to you like this"
  • "May your victory also solve my father issues"
  • "This Castle is sturdy, don't hestitate to give it your all during the fight, it's safe"


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