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Pickups are items which are not gear, or runes. Pickups can be collected with the Interact command while the player is close or, in the case of gems, just by walking or rolling on top of them.

All main categories of pickups are:

  • Healing pickups that restore the player's health or reduce Malaise.
  • Scrolls to upgrade player stats.
  • Currency pickups, which award varying amounts of cells or gold.
  • Special pickups serving miscellaneous functions.
  • Keys, which let the player unlock doors.

Healing pickups[edit]


Food regenerates a fixed percentage of health when eaten (+65% health restored if the Gastronomy Mutation Icon.png Gastronomy mutation is active, and will restore no health if the Dead Inside Mutation Icon.png Dead Inside mutation is active). There are 2 different functional types of food, each with 7 different appearances depending on the selected diet, which is altered by game settings. If untouched by the player, it will be chosen as "Carnivore." Both types of food can add Malaise on Hell difficulty if the piece of food is infected. The amount of malaise given depends on if the food is major or minor. Minor food gives 50 points (1 bar) and major food gives 150 points (3 bars) of malaise. There will always be 1 clean piece of food in any one biome, dropping from an enemy. Another guaranteed piece of food will be found in a wall rune. This and any other drops, including those from lore rooms, will always be infected with Malaise on 5 BSC.

Minor foods[edit]

Minor foods restore 15% of the player's maximum health (25% if Gastronomy Mutation Icon.png Gastronomy is active). They're dropped from enemies, wall and floor runes, and can be purchased from food shops with 0-4 BSC active (with 5 BSC, food shops will sell a cough syrup instead).

Name Icon Diet setting
"Le Croissant"
Small medkit

Major foods[edit]

Major foods heal 50% of the player's maximum health (83% if Gastronomy Mutation Icon.png Gastronomy is active). They're found in the same ways minor foods are, as well as in lore rooms, but are rarer.

Name Icon Diet setting
Big ol' radish
Monster's Eye
"La Baguette"
Large medkit

Other healing items[edit]

These healing items are more uncommon than food and can usually only be encountered under certain conditions.

Type Icon Description Sources Notes
Flask Recharge
Healing Potion 1 Icon.png
Restores 1 Health Flask charge. Since 2.5 can be recycled for gold.
Cough Syrup
Cough Syrup.png
Reduces your Malaise infection level by 30%. Food Shops Cannot appear if Malaise has been disabled, such as through custom mode or when fewer than 5 Boss Cells are active.


Scrolls are items that increase the player's stats.

Name Icon Effect Sources
Scroll of Power
Adds one point to one of the three stats.
  • Scroll vats
  • Enemy drops
  • Cursed chest
  • Challenge Rift chest
Assassin's Scroll
Str Skill.png
Adds one point to either Brutality or Tactics.
  • Scroll vats
  • Enemy drops
Minotaur's Scroll
Str Hp.png
Adds one point to either Brutality or Survival.
Guardian's Scroll
Skill Hp.png
Adds one point to either Tactics or Survival.
Epic Scrolls of Power
Adds one point to all three stats.
Scroll Fragment
Scroll Fragments.png
Each 4th fragment collected will give a Scroll of Power.
  • Scroll Fragment pedestals
  • Enemy drops
  • Bosses
  • Scroll Fragments can only be found while 3 or more Boss Stem Cells are active.

Currency pickups[edit]

Gold centered[edit]

Gold is the main currency used for making purchases and buying weapon upgrades throughout runs. All enemies will drop small amounts of gold when killed that appear as tiny, bright pebbles that automatically fly towards the player to be collected. Gold is lost upon death, only leaving a small amount depending on the player's Gold Reserves level (the default is 0 gold left behind after death).

  • Gold cannot be picked up if the player is too far away and can be stolen by a Gold Gorger. Likewise, gold cannot be picked up if the player has left a room. If the player gets out of the pickup range, the gold can still be recollected, even if the player has left the room.


Gems give a significant amount of gold when collected. Each one awards a different amount of gold depending on its type.

Gems in order of value:
Name Icon Description Value Sources
Gold Tooth
Golden Tooth Icon.png
A tooth worth 100 GOLD. He was asking for it... 100
  • One per enemy every 10 seconds parried with the Greed Shield Icon.png Greed Shield.
  • Most bosses.
Golden Arrow
Golden Arrow Icon.png
A transmuted arrow worth 100 GOLD. When you care enough to shoot the very best. 100
Shiny Rock
Shiny Rock Icon.png
Totally and utterly worthless. You're not gonna pick that thing up, are you? 100
Ingot Icon.png
Pretty easy to sell. You should be able to get at least 130 GOLD for it. 130
  • Inside the chest at the end of the platforming challenge in The Bank.
Malachite Icon.png
Quite common, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting 250 GOLD for it. 250
  • Wall runes (common)
  • Timed door reward
  • Bosses death reward
  • Random drop from enemies
Amethyst Icon.png
This pretty stone will fetch you 500 GOLD! My precccioussss... 500
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire Icon.png
A magnificent stone worth 1000 GOLD! 1000
Ruby Icon.png
A precious stone of truly exceptional purity that will fetch you the modest sum of 1500 GOLD! 1500
Corrupted Artifact
Corrupted Artefact Icon.png
This is worth 10000 GOLD, but if you pick it up, you'll be cursed. (20-kill curse) 10000
  • Random drop from enemies
Fragment of the Philosopher's Stone
Philosophers Stone Icon.png
You're officially the richest creature on the island. This absolutely perfect little jewel is worth 75000 GOLD! 75000
  • Random drop from enemies (0.2%)
  • Wall runes (incredibly rare)

Dead Man’s Bag[edit]

Dead Man's Bag.png

A bag that spawns at the start of Prisoners' Quarters. It contains some of the gold from your last run. The value depends on your current level of Gold Reserves and any gold above this limit is lost.


Cell Currency Icon.png

Cells are a special currency that is used primarily for unlocking items and upgrades. They are often dropped from slain enemies and bosses, or found in chests and canisters in biomes. Cells are lost upon death.

Cells can be spent in two ways; unlocking items and upgrades from The Collector, or by increasing the chance for higher quality gear to appear in runs from The Blacksmith.

  • Similar to gold, cells cannot be obtained if the player is too far away or if the player has left the room, but can still be recollected when the player is near.



A rare pickup that produces one extra cell on every kill for 45 seconds, even if an enemy normally can't drop any (Myopic CrowsFF, etc). Has a 0.3% drop rate from enemies killed. The extra cells are gold instead of blue.

Residual cells[edit]

Residual Cells.png

A bag that spawns next to the Dead Man's Bag if you defeated the Hand of the King. It contains any cells possessed upon reaching the Throne Room, as well as the 40 cells dropped by the Hand of the King. The same thing happens when Master's Keep is reached and Dracula - Final Form is defeated. Residual Cells also appear after completing Richter Mode in Dracula's Castle. If not picked up, or if the run is reset, the cells will be lost.

Other pickups[edit]

Bonus Point Stars[edit]

Main article: Bonus Point Stars
Bonus Point Star.png

Bonus Point Stars are exclusively found in the Daily Run. They give a 5-point bonus for each enemy killed for 15 seconds.

Secret Potion of ???[edit]

Mysterious Map[edit]

Map Part.png
Mysterious Map.png

The Mysterious Map can be obtained by collecting four Map Parts throughout the Infested Shipwreck.TQatS Having it will mark an X spot in the player's map.

  • More than 4 pieces can drop in the biome, resulting in a complete and an incomplete map.


Unlike most pickups, keys are not used when they are picked up. Instead, they are added to the player's inventory, so they can be used later to open their respective doors. Keys remain in the player's inventory for the rest of the run if not used on the appropriate door and unused keys disappear upon death or at the end of a successful run.

The keys stop spawning if the respective Blueprints they are associated with have been obtained and turned in to The Collector.

Name Icon Location Notes
Gardener's Key
Gardener's Key.png
Promenade of the Condemned 3 Gardener's Keys are required to obtain the Explosive Crossbow Icon.png Explosive Crossbow blueprint.
  • The first key requires the Ram Rune Icon.png Ram Rune
  • The second needs the Spider Rune Icon.png Spider Rune or the Homunculus Rune Icon.png Homunculus Rune
  • The third can be obtained by stomping a hidden flower in the ground three times.

After the Explosive Crossbow Icon.png Explosive Crossbow blueprint is collected, there will be Malachite or Amethyst gems in its place on subsequent runs as well as a random weapon or skill. The doors will also be permanently open.

In the Ramparts, the Graveyard, and the Forgotten Sepulcher, there is a secret room with a door unlocked by a Gardener's Key, behind which is a Moonflower Key.png Moonflower Key.

Iron Cells Key
Iron Cells Key.png
Prison Depths, Corrupted Prison Dropped by enemies inside the biome. Used to open 1 of 2 cell doors at the end of the biome, which grants the player a random item on an altar. Only 1 may spawn each run.
Old Service Key
Old Service Key.png
Ancient Sewers 3 Old Service Keys are dropped by enemies in the Ancient Sewers and are used to open any of the 8 doors at the end of the biome.

It stinks.

Village Key
Village Key.png
Stilt Village 2 Village Keys open doors further in the level. The mid-stage door can be bypassed with the Spider Rune Icon.png Spider Rune, but the doors blocking the Clock Tower and Forgotten Sepulcher cannot be bypassed. A secret area in the village requires this key to unlock access to its prize, the blueprint for the Parry Shield Icon.png Parry Shield.
Clockmaker's Key
Clockmaker's Key.png
Clock Tower Opens the door blocking the exit to the Clock Room.
Bell Tower Key
Bell Tower Key.png
Clock Tower Drops from a Clock Tower bell when all 4 are rung in ascending order of the pitch of their ring[1]. Opens the door blocking the blueprint for Punishment Icon.png Punishment.
Graveyard Key
Graveyard Key.png
Graveyard Opens the door leading into the underground portion of the graveyard.

Open the gates of Hell...

Architect's Key
Architect's Key.png
Graveyard (inside a wall rune in the underground section) Opens the door blocking the blueprints for Merchandise Categories and Parting Gift Mutation Icon.png Parting Gift.
Crypt Key
Crypt Key.png
Forgotten Sepulcher 2 Crypt Keys are found throughout the biome, each letting player progress further in the level. They are all in rooms which can only be accessed with the Teleportation Rune Icon.png Teleportation Rune.

2 Additional keys can be found if the player does not have the Explorer's Rune Icon.png Explorer's Rune, which are dropped by 2 Elite Dark Trackers and used to unlock the doors leading to the rune. Once the rune is collected these keys won't appear again.

It seems to be very old.

Moonflower Key
Moonflower Key.png
Ramparts, Graveyard, Forgotten Sepulcher There are 3 Moonflower Keys:

Each appears in a secret room reached with a well-hidden passage through the walls. A glimpse of the room may hint at the passage's location, which is faintly marked by vines. Inside each room is a door requiring a Gardener's Key from the Promenade of the Condemned to pick up to the Moonflower Key. Reaching all four of these locations in a single run requires having 3 active BSC and passing through the 3-cell door leading from the Ramparts to the Insufferable Crypt. If all Moonflower Keys are collected, they can access a secret room in High Peak Castle hidden in a similar way as the rooms containing the keys. The room contains the blueprint for Acceptance Mutation Icon.png Acceptance.

Castle Key
Castle Key.png
High Peak Castle There are 3 Castle Keys in High Peak Castle. They drop from the Elite enemies inside the colored doors. Only 2 are needed to proceed to the Throne Room, but the last grants access to a room where the player can find a Scroll of Power, 2 items, and the blueprint for the Boomerang Icon.png Boomerang.
Cavern KeyRotG
Cavern Key.png
Prisoners' Quarters (inside the huge door at the entrance of Prisoners' Quarters. Only accessible after defeating the Hand of the King for the first time) Opens the door to the CavernRotG in the Graveyard.

Once unlocked, the door remains open for future runs. Otherwise, the key will continue to respawn.

Garland KeyRotG
Garland Key.png
CavernRotG (in a ceiling secret space) Gives access to a gate in one 4 BSC door, which contains the blueprint of Festive Outfit.
Dilapidated Arboretum KeyTBS
Dilapidated Arboretum Key.png
Prisoners' Quarters (near entrance to Dilapidated ArboretumTBS from the deceased Royal Gardener) Opens the door to the Dilapidated ArboretumTBS. Once unlocked, the door despawns from future runs, unless the player doesn't have the DLC.
Distillery Key
Distillery Key.png
Derelict Distillery (behind a wall that needs to be broken with an explosive barrel) Opens the door to the exit of the biome.
Crowned KeyTQatS
Crowned Key.png
Stilt Village (inside the lighthouse keeper's home) Permanently unlocks the door to the Infested Shipwreck.TQatS
Forked KeyTQatS
Forked Key.png
Infested ShipwreckTQatS (inside a breakable floor that can be found using the Mysterious Map) Opens the door to the lore room containing the Abyssal Trident.TQatS
Red Pass
Red Pass Icon.png
The Bank Opens the door to the red floor in the Bank; used for reaching the Blue Pass.
Blue Pass
Blue Pass Icon.png
The Bank Opens the door to the blue floor in the Bank; used for reaching the exit and the Green Pass.
Green Pass
Green Pass Icon.png
The Bank Opens the door to the green floor in the Bank; used for reaching a special platforming challenge.
Ruby Key
Ruby Key Icon.png
Shops Used to unlock the Ironclad Outfit Icon.png Ironclad Outfit

To remember this key, you needed a little paid help

Sapphire Key
Sapphire Key Icon.png
Choice Altars in biomes Used to unlock the Ironclad Outfit Icon.png Ironclad Outfit

This one required a heartbreaking decision

Emerald Key
Emerald Key Icon.png
Elite Rooms Used to unlock the Ironclad Outfit Icon.png Ironclad Outfit

Taken from the clutches of a mighty enemy. Now you have to make it count

Ribonned KeyRtC
Ribonned Key Icon.png
Castle's Outskirts Used to unlock Maria's Cell.

A pretty key with a small ribbon

Petrified KeyRtC
Petrified Key Icon.png
Dracula's Castle Used to unlock the door to the Master's Keep

Unnecessarily heavy

[Show spoilers]
Allen KeyRotG
Contains spoilers
Allen Key.png
AstrolabRotG Dropped by an Elite Slammer. Used to open the door to the final section of the biome.
[Show spoilers]
Elevator KeyRotG
Contains spoilers
Elevator Key.png
AstrolabRotG Dropped by an Elite Failed Experiment. Opens the door to the elevator at the end of the biome.
[Show spoilers]
Guardian's KeyRotG
Contains spoilers
Guardian's Key.png
AstrolabRotG Dropped by two Elite Slammers at the end of the final section of the biome. Used to open 2 doors blocking access to the Observatory.RotG
[Show spoilers]
Apex KeyRotG
Contains spoilers
Apex Key.png
AstrolabRotG Found in a secret area, at the end of an obstacle course. Used to open the door to the button that lets the blueprint for Sonic Carbine Icon.png Sonic CarbineRotG drop.

Removed pickups[edit]

Removed healing items[edit]

Type Icon Description Sources
Small Cough Syrup
Small Cough Syrup.png
Reduces your Malaise infection level by 10%.
  • Elites (with Extended Healing Mutation Icon.png Extended Healing)
  • No longer obtainable after v2.1, the Malaise Update.

Removed gems[edit]

Name Icon Description Value Sources
Golden Cell
Golden Cell Icon.png
A little gold cell worth 20 GOLD. 20 One per Cell while an amulet with the "Get gold as well as a cell" affix was equipped.

With v1.9, the Update of Plenty, this affix was removed, rendering this gem inaccessible.

Removed keys[edit]

Name Icon Location Notes
Madman's Key
Madman's Key.png
Ossuary, Ancient Sewers Dropped from an Elite Zombie and an Elite Inquisitor that spawned from a Christmas present, which also gave the player a 5-kill curse.

This key was later removed from the game and was only replaced in the Ancient Sewers with the Old Service Key.

Gold Cells Key
Gold Cells Key.png
Prison Depths Dropped by enemies inside the biome. Used to open a cell door at the end of the biome, which grants the player one Scroll.

With v1.5, the Corrupted Update, they were removed and replaced with a Cursed Chest at the beginning of the biome, which gives one Scroll of Power.


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