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The Face Flask is a power skill that inflicts minor damage on the player.


  • Special Effects:
    • After 0.2 seconds upon activation, deals 5 base damage to the player.
  • Tags: NoDamage, NoTierScaling
  • Legendary Version:
    • Forced Affix: Mega Shield
      • "You gain 70% of your max health as bonus health for 2 seconds upon using this item."


PQ Loreroom Blasphemous.png

In the Prisoners' Quarters, there is a chance for a lore room to spawn with a Prie Dieu. Examining this altar will drop this item. Picking the skill up will instantly unlock it.

  • "A weird altar."
  • "Look at these strange little men holding it!"


  • This skill can reliably trigger the effects of items and mutations like Spite Sword Icon.png Spite Sword or Vengeance Mutation Icon.png Vengeance, without having to absorb heavier hits from enemies.
    • If Face Flask has the "Generate a shield when used" affix, however, it becomes useless since it can't damage the player.


  • The damage from this skill does not trigger death by Cursed Effect.png curse or reset flawless killstreak, but can still kill the user through damage alone.
  • This skill can reset the crit condition of Balanced Blade Icon.png Balanced Blade, Flawless Icon.png Flawless, and will cause the Great Owl of War Icon.png Great Owl of War to despawn.


  • This item is a reference to the game Blasphemous, and that game's protagonist's unusual way of applying healing flasks.
  • The flavor text references the ending of Diablo, where a guy smashing red stuff in their own face caused a lot of problems for everyone.


  • 2.6: Introduced.
  • 2.7: No longer transforms [26% base, 50% max] of the player's missing health into recovery.
  • 3.0: Added the Legendary Affix "Oil and Fire on Use".
  • 3.4: Changed the Legendary Affix from "Oil and Fire on Use" to "Mega Shield".
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