Swamp Priest

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Words are meaningless, only sacrifices are important...

The Swamp Priest is an NPC found in an altar room inside the Morass of the Banished.TBS

His main purpose is to egg on the player to make a "Sacrifice", which is done by using Mushroom Boi! Icon.png Mushroom Boi! at the nearby alter. This will stop the player from having to fight Mama Tick in the Nest, as well as provide the player with the Bound for Hell achievement. After the sacrifice is made, he will become bloody, get a deranged look, and begins praising the player for said sacrifice.


When walking up to the altar he is found beside, the Priest will exclaim:

  • "A new disciple!"

Upon talking to them for the first time, they will say:

  • "Welcome to our humble chapel brother! Are you ready to make a sacrifice?"

Subsequent interactions with the Swamp Priest will result in them randomly saying one of the following lines:

  • "Pray for your salvation... with a sacrifice."
  • "Words are meaningless, only sacrifices are important..."
  • "Mama protect this lost child..."
  • "Prove your devotion!"
  • "Sacrifice will save you..."
  • "Are you really faithful?"

When using the Mushroom Boi! near the altar:

  • "Your sacrifice has been accepted."
  • "Mama has blessed you."
  • "A miracle... It’s a miracle..."
  • "We need more sacrifices!"
  • "...more sacrifices..."
  • "..."



  • 1.8: Introduced.