The Bank Teller

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So boooooooooored...

The Bank Teller is an NPC.


First encounter[edit]

  • "So boooooooooored... I really should have become an artist and..."
  • "Oh! A customer! It's been so long since the last... nevermind. Welcome to our great Bank!"
  • "You can entrust your precious belongings to us, we'll take good care of them!"
  • "... I would not advise doing so right now, though: there seems to be a minor security breach in the vaults."
  • "Be assured that it's nothing to be concerned about! But if you want to take a look around and perhaps help out with the ah, security breach... Be my guest."
  • "Here, take this spare key. Enjoy your time in our Bank!"

Gold loan[edit]

  • "We can lend you gold at the grand rate of... let me see... 0%."
  • "I guess we have to be attractive, considering the current state of affairs."
  • "You can even contract multiple loans!"
  • "Note that by borrowing money from our bank, you tacitly agree to a contract that leaves us ample avenues of retribution in the event of a payment default on your end."
  • "Hum? Oh it just means that we encourage you to pay back what you owe before leaving the Bank, that's all."

Second visit[edit]

  • "The Bank teller seems to be away. There is a small sign on the desk:"
  • "Dear customer, I'm on paid leave. Please help us maintain order in our splendid facility using the key on the back of this sign."
  • "Thanks a lot, feel free to borrow money, we are a safe and respectable Bank."

The Beheaded ponders:

  • "What a trusting little fellow. I'm not sure that's really safe in this line of business but hey..."

Reading the sign[edit]

  • "No bank teller this time."
  • "Security doesn't seem to be their strong suit."
  • "Let's take the key, I guess."

Next visits greetings[edit]

  • "Hey there, customer! How loyal of you to come back!"
  • "Hello, dear customer! We still seem to be suffering from a heist situation!"
  • "Oh, it's you again! You know the way."

No key[edit]

When the player tries to open the red door without picking up the red pass."

  • "That door won't open if you don't have the key I just gave you."
  • "Don't ask me how it works. I just know that it's a way to make sure you'll have it when it's needed."
  • "No key, no vault. Take. The. Key. It's not that hard."
  • "Come on, it's getting embarrassing now."

Talking to the banker[edit]

  • "Go ahead and clean the vaults, will you?"
  • "I hope that these intruders will go away someday... This heist is bad for "business."
  • "Still there? Don't you have something to do, like saving our glorious Bank?"

Golden Outfit[edit]

You will get a different dialogue for wearing the “Golden Outfit

  • "And then I said, "but I don't know where your golden costume is, my good sir."
  • "It was probably stolen. Are you sure that you looked everywhere in your vault?"
  • "Oh! A customer ! It's been so long since the last... nevermind. Welcome to our great Bank!"
  • "You can entrust your precious belongings to us, we'll take good... Hey wait a minute! That outfit! Where did you get it?!"
  • "You bought it? In prison?! Yeah, forget what I just told you, anybody can just waltz in and out of this Bank!"
  • "Maybe you can help us on that front, though. If you kill the monsters that are currently robbing our vaults, I'll have an easier time letting you leave with that stolen costume on your back."
  • "Take that spare key. Fight well!"



  • 2.8: Introduced.