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Good luck... NYAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

The Ghost is an NPC that first appears when the player reaches a Challenge Rift for the first time, as the bearer of a tutorial message. The Ghost explains to the Beheaded that opening the chest will grant him great loot (namely a Scroll of Power, an amulet and cells) but it will be hard to get out of the rift.

He can also be found in the Combat Room of the Training Room explaining the mechanics of spawning enemies and selecting biome presets.


Challenge Rift[edit]

  • "BOO!"
  • "So you've stumbled through a rift, eh..."
  • "Bet you'd like to take these little beauties with you, now wouldn't you?"
  • "Well, if you do decide to take them... Getting out won't be anything like getting in..."
  • "Good luck... NYAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Training Room[edit]

Upon first entering the Combat Room:

  • "Hello there! Welcome to the Combat Room!"
  • "I'm handling it for my knightly friend. You can call it undead solidarity."
  • "You can even select enemies from a specific zone of the island and instantly fill the room with them!"
  • "Oh and don't worry: you can't die here. You'll just go back to the entrance."
  • "Give it your all and train like crazy!"

When talking to him again:

  • "Pick which enemies you want to fight and press the button"
  • "You can also select a zone and all the enemies in the room will turn into ones taken from that zone!"
  • "Remember: you can’t die here. You’ll just go back to the entrance."
  • "Give it your all!"


There is currently nothing known about the Ghost, not even his name. It seems he is mostly a tutorial character with no real backstory.


  • The Ghost can always be seen for a split-second upon entering a Challenge Rift, even if the full cutscene does not show.


  • The Ghost was designed by Motion Twin artist Gwen[1]