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You really aren't getting any better, are you?

The Scribe is an NPC in Dead Cells. He exists to provide the player their in-game statistics, such as how many kills they have made or how many times they have died. He seems to guard the Daily Run door, only found in the Prisoners' Quarters. He also appears on the other side of the Daily Run door but has no purpose there.



All of your unlocked upgrades are shown here. These are the Runes you have collected and general upgrades that you have unlocked with the Collector. Specialist's Showroom, Hunter's Mirror, Advanced Forge, and Recycling Tubes are not listed here even though they are general upgrades.


All of your unlocked weapons are shown here and totals for two stats:

  • Weapon blueprints brought to the Collector (max 97)
  • Available weapons (max 126)


All of your unlocked skills are shown here and totals for two stats:

  • Skill blueprints brought to the Collector (max 46)
  • Available skills (max 56)


All of your unlocked mutations are shown here and totals two stats

  • Mutations blueprints brought to the Collector (max 38)
  • Available mutations (max 56)


Here are some general stats about your save file.

  • Total number of games (Total)

This stat tracks the total amounts of runs started. These include quitted or restarted runs, even at the very beginning before leaving the starting area.

  • Total number of games finished (Total/%)

This stat tracks the total number and percentage of runs won. A won run is counted as reaching the end credits by defeating the Hand of the King, The QueenTQatS, or the 5 BSC Spoiler BossRotG.

  • Most gold obtained at once (Total)

The most gold ever held in a run.

  • Total gold acquired (Total)

The total gold held over all runs. Picking up the gold bag at the start of a run does not count towards this number.

  • Total gold spent (Total)

The total amount of gold spent at shops or gold doors.

  • Most Cells obtained at once (Total)

The most cells ever held in a single run. Picking up the cell bag at the beginning of a run after winning a run does not count towards this total.

  • Cells acquired (Total)

The total cells held over all runs. Picking up the cell bag at the start of a run does not count towards this number.

  • Cells spent (Total)

The total amount of cells spent at the Collector or the Legendary Forge

  • Teleporters used (Total)
  • Health flasks used (Total)
  • Curses survived (Total)


This tab shows totals stats for some of the objects, secrets and goals that can be found in a run.

  • Normal chests opened (Total)
  • Cursed chests opened (Total)
  • Secret portals opened (Total)
  • Secret portals challenges completed (Total/%)
  • Secret portals challenges failed (Total/%)
  • Timed door challenges completed (Total/%)
  • Timed door challenges failed (Total/%)
  • Untouchable doors completed (Total/%)
  • Untouchable doors failed (Total/%)


This tab shows the total amounts of times you have visited each biome including the boss rooms. The biomes are listed in the order they are discovered.


This tab shows total monsters and elites killed.

  • Total monsters slain (Total)
  • Total elite monsters slain (Total)

For each monster there are two stats.

  • You killed them (Total)
  • They killed you (Total)


This tab shows all the ways you can be killed and the total amount for each. A death by curse will be counted towards the source that gave you damage.

  • Deaths (Total)
  • Deaths by an enemy (Total/%)
  • Deaths by trap (Total/%)
  • Killed in a challenge room (Total/%)
  • Deaths by falling (Total/%)
  • Deaths by infection (Total/%)
  • Deaths by suicide (Total/%)

Suicide is dying by jumping in a bottomless pit or killing yourself by using Lightning Bolt too long.

  • Cells lost (Total)

Total amount of cells lost during all your runs. These are the cells you held at the moment you died.


This tab shows all of the achievements you have unlocked. Only available on PC and the Nintendo Switch.


First encounter in Prisoners' Quarters[edit]

  • "I know what you've been up to."
  • "Oh yes, I know ALL your dirty little secrets."
  • "And I've been writing them all down in my little book."
  • "That's what I do."
  • "You kill things, I take notes."

The Beheaded gives them a thumbs up.

Subsequent encounters in Prisoners' Quarters[edit]

  • "You weren't all that good now were you..."
  • "Dead again?"
  • "You, back again. of course."
  • "You really aren't getting any better are you?"
  • "I've noted your...achievements,if that's what you want to call them."

First encounter in the Challenge Room[edit]

  • "So you've come in search of a little challenge?"
  • "Here, only the best of the best..."
  • "The crème de la crème..."
  • "Or should I say, the ELITE OF THE ELITE... can manage to rack up a respectable score!"
  • "Do you think you're up to it?"
  • "In that case, head down and defeat this level's boss as fast as you can while scoring as many points as you can manage."
  • "You'll find some equipment to help you along the way, but some objects may be forbidden"
  • "The Collector might have something to do with that, who can say..."
  • "And don't forget, the shortest path isn't always the best..."

Subsequent encounters in the Challenge Room[edit]

  • "I've heard the monsters get nastier and nastier as you get closer to the end..."
  • "Seems being cursed isn't all that bad..."
  • "Apparently there are things hidden in the walls... Might REALLY be worth taking a closer look."


  • The Scribe's statistics have been bugged since Early Access as he doesn't record wins & other stats correctly.
  • The Scribe greets you in a somewhat rude manner and he does not seem to be impressed by your feats.


  • 0.1: Introduced.