The Tailor's Daughter

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Oh yeah! I can help you find your new style!

The Tailor's Daughter is an NPC.


First encounter[edit]

When the player first encounters her she is having an argument with her father.

  • Father "For the last time, my scissors are NOT made to cut hairs! Especially not those of some rotting zombie!"
  • Daughter "Blah blah blah... you never let me do anything anyway and... oh! A newcomer!"
  • Daughter "Nice to meet you, I'm the Tailor's daughter! I myself am studying to become a hairdresser... I WAS studying before all my teachers died, at least..."
  • Father "Yeah, let's talk about that! Who has to take care of his daughter when the school is closed, uh? The education system of this island is not what it once as..."
  • Daughter "Pfff, okay Bomber..."
  • Father "At least, I beg you to help her work on her studies ... ask her, she might be able to comb your... green thingy."
  • Daughter "Oh yeah! I can help you find your new style!"
  • Father "But I forbid you from plunging my sewing scissors in that thing!"

Second encounter[edit]

  • "Oh here you are! I actually wanted to say that..."
  • "Your sense of style is so inspiring! I'd love to be just like you when I turn... dead?"
  • "Here is a token of my admiration! Use it to comb-o through your enemies!"


  • "Hey you!"
  • "No, I don't reveal my name to any random walking corpse I meet, sorry."
  • "Eww ! Look at you! Someone needs a good combing!
  • "Hey, I've got a new technique to try out. Can I borrow your head for a bit?
  • "Nothing to do... I'd almost regret my classes...

When Player Skin Already Has a Head (Castlevania, Crossover, etc.)[edit]

  • "Oh no, I can't comb this!"
  • "I'm an aspiring head dresser, not a magician!"
  • "I should be able to style that head after I complete my studies. Considering the current state of the kingdom, expect a waiting time of about one or two ternities, and it's the most reasonnable timeline."
  • "Oh what, are you for real?! I'm just a beginner! No way I can do anything about that, sorry."
  • "I deal in hairs, not miracles!"


  • 3.4: Introduced.