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Aspects are optional perks that can be equipped at the start of a run. They make the run significantly easier at the cost of preventing the player from unlocking new Boss Stem Cells or flawless boss achievements while the aspect is equipped. They are provided by the Doctor in the starting area of the Prisoners' Quarters, but only one can be chosen per run.

The first three aspects are unlocked after the introductory runs are completed. To unlock new aspects, one must simply die once for each.

List of aspects[edit]

Icon Name Description Notes
Toxin Lover Aspect Icon.png
Toxin Lover Poison no longer affects you. In fact it slowly heals you when standing in a gas cloud or poison pool.

Unlocked from the start.

Firestarter Aspect Icon.png
Firestarter Flames deal +100% damage, violet flames deal +200% damage.

Unlocked from the start.

Shatter Aspect Icon.png
Shatter Enemies take heavy damage when you break their freeze (100 base). Unlocked from the start. Scales with your highest stat.
Assassin Aspect Icon.png
Assassin First attack while invisible instantly kills its non-boss target(s). Synergizes with Predator Mutation Icon.png Predator.
Relentless Aspect Icon.png
Relentless You are invincible if you still have HP that can be recovered. You deal bonus damage in proportion to the amount of HP you are missing.
Blood Drinker Aspect Icon.png
Blood Drinker Every hit against a bleeding target heals you for 3% of your max health. Healing only applies with melee attacks.

Synergizes with Blood Sword Icon.png Blood Sword.

Damned Aspect Icon.png
Damned Cursed chests spawn rate is doubled. Curses don't kill you anymore, but double the damage you receive and deal.
  • For biomes with a 100% chance of spawning a cursed chest, excluding Prison Depths and Corrupted Prison, there will now always be an additional cursed chest.
    • For any other biome, it will take the percentage chance, double it and roll that chance twice. This means that it's possible to get an additional 2 cursed chests.
      • This also counts for biomes that have a chance above 100%.
  • Prevents death while having the Cursed Sword Icon.png Cursed Sword equiped.
  • Synergizes extremely well with Alienation Mutation Icon.png Alienation as it will increase the amount of curses you get, thus extending the duration of the bonus and heals you with each killed enemy.
  • Breaking golden doors is a viable strategy to get free gear and money while having increased damage (Specialist's Showroom should always be visited with Damned).
Gotta Go Fast Aspect Icon.png
Gotta Go Fast While speed boosted, receive 50% less damage and deal 100% more. Speed boosts last 2 times as long. Synergises incredibly well with the Swift Sword Icon.png Swift Sword and the Velocity Mutation Icon.png Velocity mutation, which will constantly hit for 200% damage crits and block half of the damage you take, while speed boosts will last 6x as long.
Grenadier Aspect Icon.png
Grenadier Killing an enemy with a grenade resets its cooldown. When 2 grenades are equipped a kill will reset the cooldown of both grenades.
Menagerie Aspect Icon.png
Menagerie Deal +100% damage per active pet (+25% per biter).

Swarm Icon.png Swarm can spawn up to 8 biters totaling in a 200% bonus.

Stomper Aspect Icon.png
Stomper Dive attacks and fall damage deal 4 times more damage to enemies.
Superconductor Aspect Icon.png
Superconductor Electric DoTs rapidly bounce back and forth to nearby enemies, increasing their damage by 50% every time they jump on a new target. DoTs can bounce through walls and floors.
Tinker Aspect Icon.png
Tinker Reduce deployables' cooldown to 1 sec. Description incorrectly states that it reduces the cooldown for all skills.


  • Players can remove selected aspects by selecting it again in the Aspect menu.
  • The Doctor is a short roll to the left of the door that lets players access the tailor and training rooms.
  • If the player leaves the starting area where the Doctor is located, they will be unable to select or change Aspects for the rest of their current run.
  • Certain cursed chests spawn next to each other with the Damned Aspect enabled (i.e. The Fractured Shrines door with the guaranteed cursed chest).
  • Aspects can't be used in Boss Rush.
  • An Aspect will not be unlocked if the player revives after dying using the Multiple Deaths option in Assist Mode.


  • 2.5: Introduced.
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