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Ohhh ho ho...

The Fisherman is an NPC who helps Beheaded reach the Infested ShipwreckTQatS to aid him in an attempt to escape the island. Leaving a letter in Prisoners' Quarters, he invites the Beheaded to search for him in the Toxic Sewers. There he talks about a plan to leave the island and his idea of doing so via the Lighthouse.TQatS He asks the Beheaded to meet him just outside the castle so he can bring him as close to the Lighthouse as possible. But before doing so he mentions an old lighthouse keeper that lived in the Stilt Village and that it would be a good idea to pay him a visit.


Fisherman's Letter[edit]

  • "Dear prisoner,"
  • "Tired of killing the same monsters over and over?"
  • "Bored by the landscapes of this small island?""
  • "Well, I definitely am."
  • "I think we can help each other."
  • "Meet me in the sewers, where I'm restocking for food."

Meeting in the Toxic Sewers[edit]

Upon entering the room where the Fisherman rests, he will greet the Beheaded with the following:

  • "Hello!"
  • "I heard tales about a dubious yet capable being roaming around the island... I guess you're the one?"
  • "Well no matter what or who you are, you're stuck in here too, right?"

If the player has a save file dating back to an early acces version where the Fisherman was still present, he will greet the Beheaded with the following:

  • "Hey, I know you!"
  • "We met on the docks and I..."
  • "Yeah, sorry about all that impaling, I was only doing my job."
  • "Anyhow, you're stuck in here too, right?"

Regardless of how he greets the Beheaded, he will always say the following afterwards:

  • "I may have an idea to get us out, but I need your help."
  • "While I was roaming around the island, looking for a ship decent enough to go across the sea, I discovered an old extinguished lighthouse at the extreme north of the Island."
  • "It's probably not much, but at least, that's our best chance."
  • ""I will be waiting for you near the Castle, to bring you as close as I can... Unfortunately, the abominations hanging around mean I can't go very close."
  • "Oh, one last thing!"
  • "Michel, one of the old keepers, used to live in the stilt village... Maybe you should pay a visit to his house?"

Talking to him again will make him repeat the third last and last dialogues he said.

At the docks[edit]

Upon entering the docks leading to the Infested Shipwreck, he will greet the Beheaded with the following:

  • "So you came!"
  • "We'll set sail as soon as you're ready."
  • "Be advised that what's lurking in the Shipwreck is really... unsavory, even by my standards."
  • "But I'm sure you didn't come that far to get cold feet, did you?"
  • "Ready to go?"

In subsequent encounters, he will only repeat the last dialogue he said.

Removed Pier dialogue[edit]

  • "Ohhh ho ho... The vessel you're looking for hasn't docked yet..."
  • "Ohh ho ho... There's nothing for you here, outsider..."
  • "Goodbye, for now... Ohh ho ho ho ho..."


  • In early pre-release versions of the game, he was found at the Pier and would kill the player to send them back to Prisoners' Quarters. When the Hand of the King was introduced, he was removed from the Pier and was replaced with a work-in-progress sign and a tube.