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Dracula is a tier 3 boss found in the Master's Keep.


In 1+ BSC, Dracula goes straight to the second phase.

Dracula has different moves that he can teleport in between, immediately starting an attack after the teleport has finished.

Once Dracula has been defeated, he will despawn and drop some cells. The arena transforms shortly afterwards, and he re-appears in his Final Form.

First Phase[edit]

Fireball volley
  • Description: Opens his cape and fires three waves of fireballs, with different possible patterns. One with 3-5-3 fireballs that are in a straight vertical line, and one with 5-5-5 fireballs.
  • Can be blocked, parried or dodge rolled.
  • Description: Does a hand to hand combo of two low kicks and a downward punch. The punch will be cancelled if the player moves too far away.
  • Can be blocked, parried or dodge rolled.
Meteor volley
  • Description: Opens his cape and fires 4 meteors in a row with a high-low-high-low pattern.
  • Can be blocked or parried.
    • Getting hit or parrying the attack causes the player to get knockbacked depending on how fast the projectile was moving.

Phase Transition[edit]

Bat volley
  • Description: During his phase transition Dracula teleports to the center of the arena and summons bats in a wave pattern in both directions.
  • Can be blocked or dodge rolled.
  • Has wave pattern, therefore can be avoided by standing in certain place.

Second Phase[edit]

Retains all attacks from first phase.

Fire wave
  • Description: Replaces Fireball volley. Opens his cape and fire short range firewalls in an upwards arc pattern, which explode after traveling for a bit.
  • Can be blocked, parried or dodge rolled.
  • Description: Teleports into the air and dives down onto the player. When the grab connects, Dracula lifts the player up while dealing damage and healing himself.
  • Can be dodge rolled.
  • Ignores the effect of Ice Armor Icon.png Ice Armor - grab breaks the armor and leech deals normal damage.
  • Acts weirdly with Disengagement Mutation Icon.png Disengagement.
    • If grab triggers the Mutation, it will ignore the effect and still deal damage to the Beheaded.
    • If grab happens while the shield is active, Beheaded will survive and Dracula will heal.
  • Can move the Beheaded outside the boss arena. This does not save from receiving damage, as Fireball volley goes through doors.

Phase Transition 2[edit]

Bat volley
  • Description: During his phase transition Dracula teleports to the center of the arena and summons bats in a wave pattern in both directions.
  • Can be blocked or dodge rolled.

Third Phase[edit]

Retains all attacks from first and second phases.

Fire pillars
  • Description: Charges up by putting his hands on the ground, summoning pillars of fire spread across the arena floor.
  • Can be blocked or dodge rolled.



  • Affected by root, freeze, and stun.
  • Beatdown can be countered with Ice Armor Icon.png Ice Armor.
  • Bat volley can be countered with either ranged or melee weapons with a long reach, such as Vampire Killer Icon.png Vampire Killer or Valmont's Whip Icon.png Valmont's Whip.

Primary attacks[edit]

Can be killed by companion/Homunculus rune whithout prompting the boss to attack

Defensive attack[edit]

  • TBA



  • TBA


  • Dracula appearance is based on variation encountered in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • The outfit used by the Beheaded during the cutscene affects the dialogue at the beginning of the fight.
    • Non-Castlevania related outfits will cause a discussion between Dracula and the Beheaded with an ending that resembles Dracula's exchange with Richter Belmont from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
      • The name of the achievement What is a man?, obtained for entering his boss biome, is a reference to his last phrase before starting the fight, What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets, reference to the mentioned exchange with Richter Belmont.
    • Alucard Outfit Icon.png Alucard OutfitRtC: Changes the introduction in a way that is similar to one from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
    • Death Outfit Icon.png Death OutfitRtC: Dracula will lament over his lieutenant's betrayal.
    • Dracula Outfit Icon.png Dracula OutfitRtC: Dracula will call the Beheaded an impostor, trying to get his power from the outfit.
    • Haunted Armor Outfit Icon.png Haunted Armor OutfitRtC: Dracula firstly express his surprise that even armor is against him, then he mocks the Beheaded by calling him a "tin can".
    • Hector Outfit Icon.png Hector OutfitRtC: Dracula calls the Beheaded a traitor and then they have a short conversation about their relation to Humanity.
    • Maria Renard Outfit Icon.png Maria Renard OutfitRtC: The Beheaded says something about not being imprisoned easily this time. In response, Dracula says that he does not know him.
    • Richter Outfit Icon.png Richter OutfitRtC: There will an exchange that closely resembles dialogue from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
    • Simon Outfit Icon.png Simon OutfitRtC: The Beheaded says "Begone", Dracula goes to the center of the arena and says something about finishing their rivalry.
      • This is the shortest possible introduction in this boss fight.
    • Sypha Outfit Icon.png Sypha OutfitRtC: The Beheaded says he will end him and his curse. Dracula then teleports and mocks him, that killing the Beheaded will be a "formality".
    • Trevor Outfit Icon.png Trevor OutfitRtC: Dracula will say "You are welcome to try, Belmont" and start the fight.




  • 3.3: Introduced.

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